This page contains important documents relating to Abdelbaset’s second appeal. All bar the SCCRC report originally featured on

The SCCRC report

Previously secret 800 page report into Abdelbaset’s conviction, published in conjunction with the Sunday Herald on 25 March 2012. The report outlines six grounds upon which Abdelbaset may have suffered a miscarriage of justice. Owing to uploading restrictions, it is broken down into eight sections.

SCCRC Statement of Reasons 1

SCCRC Statement of Reasons 2

SCCRC Statement of Reasons 3

SCCRC Statement of Reasons 4

SCCRC Statement of Reasons 5

SCCRC Statement of Reasons 6

SCCRC Statement of Reasons 7

SCCRC Statement of Reasons 8


Grounds of appeal 1 & 2

Ground 1 argues that there was insufficient evidence to sustain the guilty verdict and ground 2 that the verdict was unreasonable.

Written submissions for the appeal court hearing on grounds 1 & 2

Summary of grounds 1 & 2

This is a useful companion to the documents above.

Grounds 3.1 to 3.3

These concern the key Crown eyewitness, Tony Gauci, and include some of the reasons why the SCCRC referred the case back to the appeal court.

Report by Professor Timothy Valentine

The first of two expert reports by academic psychologists, which assess the factors likely to have rendered Mr Gauci’s evidence unreliable.

Report by Professor Steve Clark

The second of then expert reports.

US Department of Justice guidelines on eyewitness evidence

These are referred to in the reports of Prof Valentine and Prof Clark and represent a gold standard, which the procedures used for Mr Gauci fell far short of.

Statement on behalf of Abdelbaset, 30 June 2010

This concerns the release of documents held by the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission.





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