Al-Jazeera documentary, Lockerbie: Case closed, first broadcast 27 February 2012.

The programme features Abdelbaset’s last interview and some of the new evidence contained in the book. It’s probably the best TV demolition of the Crown case yet produced.

Al-Jazeera documentary, Lockerbie: The Pan Am Bomber?, June 2011

The programme focuses on the evidence of the Maltese shopkeeper Tony Gauci and the findings of George Thomson, who worked as an investigator with Abdelbaset’s legal team. He discovered some potentially crucial anomalies in the evidence concerning the clothing that was supposedly sold by Gauci and packed into the primary suitcase along with the bomb.


BBC Conspiracy Files, August 2008

This one is broken down into six parts on YouTube, where it’s called, incongruously, Lockerbie – CIA framing Libya. The other 5 parts can be viewed here (see bottom of page). The programme is a real mixed bag; for the most part it’s hamstrung by its own format, which is to set up a conspiracy then debunk it. However, in part 5 it gets interesting and contains some important material on Tony Gauci and the Libyan CIA informant Majid Giaka. Part 6 features an interview with Saif Gadafy, in which he confirms that the Libyan government accepted responsibility and paid compensation for the bombing solely to rid the country of sanctions and not because it was admitting guilt. This, like most of the other things that the programme claimed to have uncovered, was already in the public domain.





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