Websites and blogs


Megrahi: My Story

Sister site to this one, established shortly after Abdelbaset’s return to Libya. Features downloadable pdfs of key documents, including grounds 1 to 3 of his second appeal.

The Lockerbie Case

Maintained by Professor Robert Black, a leading expert on Scottish legal procedure. Known as the ‘architect’ of the Lockerbie trial, it was he who originally proposed the idea that the two Libyan suspects be tried in a Scottish court sitting in a third and neutral country. Regularly updated with news articles and Prof Black’s invaluable commentary.

Run by Dr Jim Swire, the most vocal of the UK Lockerbie victims’ relatives, and Peter Biddulph.

Justice for Megrahi

Simple site run by the campaign group.

UN trial observer

Site established by Dr Hans Koechler, the UN appointed Lockerbie trial observer, who felt so strongly that Abdelbaset was wrongly convicted that he has spent the past decade campaigning against the verdict. The site contains lots of legal documents and press articles.

Canada Free Press

A series lengthy articles on CFP by Dr Ludwig de Braeckeleer, a well informed armchair expert who has paid close attention to publicly available sources.

The Lockerbie Divide

Subtitled ‘For Those in the Rain Shadow of the Mountain of Lies About the Bombing of Pan Am 103: An Irrigation Project’. Run by Adam ‘Caustic Logic’ Larson, another reasonably well informed armchair expert.