Crown Office runs out of arguments

In response to an interview with me about the SCCRC report’s findings, the Crown Office issued a quite remarkable statement to BBC Radio Scotland’s Newsdrive programme. You can listen to the statement here for the next seven days (it appears at around 1:15:50). It goes like this:

The former Libyan regime, according to the new Libyan government, was responsible for the atrocity and Megrahi played a part along with others.

The case against Abdelbaset is now so shot through, that the Crown Office has to fall back on the (largely equivocal) claims of a selection of  Gadafy regime defectors and the former head of a CIA-backed anti-Gadafy faction, none of whom has produce a shred of evidence of the old regime’s involvement, let alone Abdelbaset’s.  I wrote a detailed article on this subject last month.

The Crown Office conveniently ignores the fact that one prominent member of the regime, Mohamed al-Alagi, who now has responsibility for human rights, has publicly stated that Abdelbaset is innocent.


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