Libya’s justice minister speaks

Libya’s justice minister, Salah al-Marghani, has told ITV news that British and American authorities will be allowed to question Gadafy’s former intelligence chief Abdullah Sennusi about Lockerbie. He said: ‘What we are working on is finalising the arrangements for this as much as obtaining the evidence that’s available with the UK and US authorities. We all need to know the facts.’ You can view the relevant extract of the interview here¬†and a further extract¬†here.

Last year Mr Marghani told the Daily Telegraph ‘The [Lockerbie] matter was settled with the Gadafy regime. I am trying to work on the current situation rather than dig into the past.’ His deputy, Hameda al-Magery, went further saying, in effect, that the case was closed. It is interesting that at no stage in either clip does he state, either that Libya carried out the bombing, or that the new Libyan government has any significant evidence to hand over. Could it be that he choose his words very carefully?




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