Private Eye rumbles Haselnut and The Ecologist

The latest issue of Private Eye carries the following article about everyone’s favourite Lockerbie crank Patrick ‘clinically sane’ Haseldine.

Most hacks and news organisations have long blocked or junked rants from the Lockerbie-bombing conspiracy theorist Patrick Haseldine. Not so the Ecologist magazine.

Oliver Tickell, the new editor, has just published “the shocking truth” of Lockerbie by the man who styles himself “emeritus professor of Lockerbie studies”. Haselnut has long claimed that Pan Am 103 was blown up by the apartheid South African government in order to kill an unfortunate Swedish passenger, Bernt Carlsson, the UN assistant secretary-general and commissioner for Namibia.

As well as aiming various far-fetched accusations over the years at people connected to the Lockerbie investigations and trials, Haseldine has also claimed that he was “nominated” for last year’s Private Eye Paul Foot Award – by which he meant he had in fact submitted his own material for consideration.




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